Thank you for visiting my campaign website!

I am running for the Kansas House because our rural communities face many challenges and we need someone in Topeka who will fight for us – fight for our schools, our healthcare, our values and our rural way of life.

This community not only raised me but also gave my husband and me an opportunity to start a business, a place to raise our daughter and a chance to give back. Like you, I greatly value our rural way of life and will fight to protect it for the next generation!

Unfortunately, too many politicians let personal agendas, political infighting and big money lobbyists get in the way of doing what’s right. I spent my 34-year career as a Court Services Officer fighting the very “things” that get in the way of people doing what is right. You can count on me to fight that battle in Topeka and do right by our community!

I look forward to visiting with you during this campaign!